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Georgia Business Mediators

Strong. Evaluative. Mediators.

Georgia Business Mediators is a collection of Georgia’s top business litigation attorneys who have come together in the prime of their careers to provide unparalleled dispute resolution services. They are known colloquially in the industry as Georgia’s litigation “bull dogs” with impeccable credentials, decades of experience, and they have each achieved incredible success in Court and in their firms. Their style of mediation is candid, to the point, and honest. They provide what are known in the industry as “evaluative mediations,” which means that our Mediators know how to boil down a complex issue, evaluate the claims, and provide the parties with frank, impartial advice that can be trusted to guide the parties to an informed resolution and settlement of the case. Their style of mediation is best suited for business disputes because the parties usually have strong personalities and the claims alleged typically includes claims of RICO, theft, fraud, self-dealing, tortious interference, and the like – these claims are complex and they require a strong hand to guide resolution.


Our mediators do not glide through mediations. They know how to roll up their sleeves, get into the documents, do the hard work, and navigate the case to settlement.

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