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  • Option I

  • $3,600/mo
  • one-day flat fee Resolution Meeting
    This option is ideal where there are two parties and a small business, with less than $100,000 in dispute.*

  • Option II

  • $10,000/mo
  • three-day flat fee Resolution Meeting
    This option is appropriate when there are more than two parties, the parties are already engaged in litigation, or the business is medium or large with a disputed amount over $100,000.*

  • a la carte

  • $0/mo
  • $5,000 business valuation*
    $5,000 Forensic IT report*
    $5,000 Forensic CPA report*
    $2,900 Corporate Documents Package following the Resolution Meeting*

* Please refer to the Mediation Agreement for details and limitations. We expect that most matters will be resolved within the flat fee, but there are occasions when the time needed for a matter may exceed the time afforded in these flat fees, and those occasions are discussed in the Mediation Agreement. But do not worry, no fees will be incurred without your prior approval.